Character design sheets are comprehensive visual documents used by animators to maintain the consistent appearance, poses, and expressions of a character throughout an animation project.

These sheets serve as a reference point for every team member involved—from storyboard artists to animators to marketing teams—ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the character's details.

They typically include multiple poses, expressions, and costume changes, providing a complete blueprint of the character's personality and physicality. For animators, these sheets are not just tools but the backbone of character development and storytelling.

Crafting Effective Midjourney Prompts for Character Designs

Creating effective prompts is crucial for utilizing Midjourney to its fullest potential. A well-crafted prompt directs the AI to produce images that closely align with your vision. Consider the following example prompt for creating a character design sheet:

Example Prompt: "a cartoon child aged 5, with two pony tails, dressed as a cowgirl, different angles, character sheet, white background --style raw --ar 3:2 --stylize 300"

This prompt instructs Midjourney to generate a character design sheet for a cartoon-style child dressed as a cowgirl, depicted from various angles against a white background. The additional parameters (--style raw, --ar 3:2, --stylize 300) help define the aesthetic qualities of the images, such as the level of stylization and the aspect ratio.

Tips for Crafting Your Prompts:

  1. Be Specific: The more detailed your description, the better Midjourney can meet your expectations. Include age, attire, hairstyle, and other defining traits.
  2. Use Style Parameters: Adjust style, aspect ratio, and stylization settings to suit the character's intended mood and the overall style of your project.
  3. Experiment with Variations: Feel free to modify aspects of the example prompt to suit different characters. Change the age, clothing, hairstyle, or even the setting to see how these variations affect the design.

By understanding and utilizing these prompt crafting techniques, you can maximize the potential of Midjourney in your animation projects, creating diverse and vibrant character sheets that breathe life into your characters.

Character Sheet Example

Cowgirl Cartoon

AI Cowgirl Character

As illustrated in the example above, the initial prompt beautifully crafts a cowgirl character sheet that might just be the perfect starter for your next animated creation. While this alone can spark your project to life, there's always room to elevate your artistry.

By utilising into the advanced features available on the Midjourney alpha site, you can expand your creative horizons even further. In the next section, we'll guide you through using the character sheet you've just conjured up to develop a detailed facial expression sheet, adding depth and emotion to your character.

Prompt Bot


a cartoon child aged 5, happy smiling, dressed as a cowgirl, multiple different angles and poses, character sheet, white background --ar 3:2 --style raw --stylize 300

Facial Expression Sheet

Use Character References

Facial Expressions in Midjourney
Use Image
Select original image and add change icon

To further enrich your character's portrayal, consider using the initial image as a foundation for crafting a detailed facial expression sheet.

This approach allows you to explore the full emotional spectrum of your character's face, adding layers of depth and nuance.

On the Midjourney Alpha site, start by revisiting the original character sheet prompt. Click on the preview image and then on the 'use image' tab (see example above) to bring up the original sheet in the new prompt window.

Hover your mouse over the thumbnail and switch the icon from the picture to the person; this signals to Midjourney that you wish to focus on the character's face in your next creation.

To ensure Midjourney concentrates solely on the facial features, append your prompt with --cw 0. This adjustment narrows the AI’s focus, setting the stage for you to refine the expression details as illustrated in the example below.

Keep in mind, perfecting the facial expressions may not always succeed on the first attempt. Be prepared to reroll the prompt a few times to capture the exact emotional range you’re envisioning.

Prompt Bot


character facial expression sheet, multiple different angles and expressions, surprised, happy, sad, thoughtful, engaged, white background --ar 3:2 --style raw --cw 0 --stylize 300

It's a wrap

Utilizing Midjourney for creating character design sheets offers a significant advantage in animation. It streamlines the design process, enhances creative exploration, and ensures consistency across various project phases. As technology continues to evolve, tools like Midjourney will become increasingly integral to the animation industry, empowering creators to transform their imaginative visions into animated realities.

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