Have you ever seen a painting that makes you feel like you're stepping back in time? That's the magic of Jack Vettriano, a famous artist from Scotland.

Jack has a unique way of painting that captures moments full of romance, mystery, and a touch of old-school charm. People all around the world love his artwork because it tells stories without using any words, and it brings out feelings of nostalgia and wonder.

Jack Vettriano's paintings are like scenes from a vintage movie, full of elegant dresses, classic cars, and romantic dances. He uses bold colors and shadows to create a mood that's both beautiful and a bit mysterious.

It's easy to get lost in his paintings and imagine the stories behind them.

Now, what if you could make art like Jack Vettriano? It might sound tricky, but with the help of Midjourney AI, a super cool image generator, it's totally possible!

With some clever instructions called prompts, we can guide the AI to create paintings with that special Vettriano touch. And don't worry; we'll walk you through every step of the way in this article. So, get ready to unleash your inner artist and create some beautiful, vintage-style artwork!

P.S. If you're wondering, "What in the world is Midjourney AI?" and feeling a bit curious, don't fret! We have a handy explainer right here that'll give you the lowdown and get you up to speed.

Vettriano's Style

Let's explore what makes Vettriano's style so unique and captivating.

Vettriano's paintings often tell stories of love, longing, and passion. He has a knack for capturing intimate moments between people, making us feel like we are witnessing a private dance or a stolen glance. His artwork transports us to a world where romance is in the air and every moment is precious.

Many of Vettriano's paintings have a vintage look, reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940s. He takes inspiration from this era, creating scenes with classic cars, elegant fashion, and old-world charm.

Achieving this distinct vintage aesthetic in Midjourney can be a challenging task, given the wide array of styles prevalent in that era.

However, by closely referencing and drawing inspiration from Vettriano's unique style, you can unlock the potential to create truly stunning images filled with nostalgia and timeless beauty.

Crafting the Perfect AI Prompt

Example Prompt for a Classic Vettriano Scene

To give you a real-world example, let's take a look at a prompt crafted to recreate Vettriano's iconic beach dancing scene:

Jack Vettriano style painting with Midjourney AI
Prompt Bot


painting in the style of Jack Vettriano, establishing shot, a young couple dance romantically on a beach, woman in a red flowing dress, 1920s era clothing --ar 16:9

In this prompt, every word is chosen with care to guide the AI towards the desired outcome:

  • "painting in the style of Jack Vettriano": This sets the stage, ensuring the AI knows to emulate Vettriano's distinctive style.
  • "establishing shot": This indicates that the scene should be wide and encompassing, giving a full view of the moment.
  • "a young couple dance romantically on a beach": Here, we're describing the central action and setting, capturing the intimate and picturesque vibe of Vettriano's work.
  • "woman in a red flowing dress": This adds a pop of color and movement, reminiscent of Vettriano's dynamic and vibrant scenes.
  • "1920s era clothing": This detail ensures the clothing style aligns with the vintage aesthetic of Vettriano's paintings.
  • "--ar 16:9": Lastly, this technical detail specifies the aspect ratio, ensuring the composition suits the wide, cinematic feel of an establishing shot.

By combining these elements, the prompt becomes a detailed recipe, guiding Midjourney AI to create a piece of art that echoes the romantic, nostalgic essence of Jack Vettriano's paintings.

Now that we have explored how to create a prompt for a classic beach dancing scene in Jack Vettriano's style, let's expand our horizons. 

Crafting Diverse Scenes

with Vettriano's Flair

Vettriano's portfolio is incredibly diverse, ranging from intimate indoor moments to grand, atmospheric outdoor scenes.

Below are examples of prompts crafted to guide Midjourney AI in creating various scenes, each infused with Vettriano's signature style.

Seductive Elegance

Seductive Lady in Jack Vettriano style
Prompt Bot


painting in the style of Jack Vettriano, establishing shot, a beautiful seductive woman drinking a glass of wine, stockings on show --ar 16:9

In this prompt, we aim to capture a moment of seductive elegance, reminiscent of Vettriano's work. The "beautiful seductive woman" is the focal point, and details like "stockings on show" add a touch of allure.

The "glass of wine" suggests a relaxed yet intimate setting, while the "establishing shot" ensures a wide view to set the scene. The "16:9" aspect ratio adds a cinematic feel, enhancing the overall impact.

Romantic Reunion

Lovers at the train station
Prompt Bot


painting in the style of Jack Vettriano, establishing shot, a beautiful woman meets her lover at the Grand Central Terminal train station --ar 16:9

Here, we are creating a scene of romantic anticipation and reunion. The Grand Central Terminal provides a grand and vintage backdrop, in line with Vettriano's love for timeless settings.

Beachside Soiree

Jack Vettriano Beach Painting
Prompt Bot


painting in the style of Jack Vettriano, establishing shot, a dinner party is taking place on the beach, rain clouds far in the distance, 1920s era clothing --ar 16:9

This prompt transports us to a beachside dinner party, a scene filled with elegance and a hint of drama from the rain clouds far in the distance.

Each of these prompts is a stepping stone toward mastering the art of creating Vettriano-inspired artwork with Midjourney AI. By paying close attention to the details and setting the right mood, you can guide the AI to produce diverse and captivating scenes, each with its own unique story and Vettriano's unmistakable touch.

It's a Wrap

Remember that creativity is a process filled with experimentation and discovery. Be bold and tweak your prompts, play with different elements, and see where the AI takes you. Repeating a prompt multiple times might be necessary to achieve the desired image.

The world of AI-generated art is vast and full of potential. With Vettriano's style as your muse and Midjourney AI as your tool, you have the power to create stunning, nostalgic artwork that captures the essence of a bygone era. 

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