Welcome to our straightforward guide on turning photos into cartoons using Midjourney.

In this post, we'll walk through the process step by step, focusing on the practical aspects of using this tool. Whether you're new to Midjourney or looking to refine your skills, this tutorial aims to provide clear and concise instructions.

We'll cover everything from selecting the right photo to experimenting with different cartoon styles.

Original Photo

Start with a good clear image

Good profile photo

The first step in turning a photo into a cartoon is choosing the right photo. The best choice is usually a high-resolution portrait that focuses on the head and shoulders and is taken in good lighting.

This type of photo works well because it's clear and easy for Midjourney to process.

It's best to use a photo with just one person visable, otherwise Midjourney can get confused. Above, you'll see an example of a suitable photo: a clear, well-lit headshot.

Starting with a photo like this sets you up for a successful photo to cartoon transformation.

Upload Your Photo

Follow the steps below

Process of uploading a photo to midjourney

The next step involves uploading your chosen photo to Midjourney. While this process isn't overly complex, it does require a bit of attention.

Uploading Guide

For this guide, I'll assume you already have a Midjourney account and are familiar with the basics of using the Discord platform.

First, log in to your Midjourney account and navigate to your direct message channel. This is the same place where you typically generate your AI images.

Normally, you would start by typing /image followed by your prompt. However, in this instance, you need to upload your photograph first. This step is crucial as it allows Midjourney to reference the uploaded image when transforming it into a cartoon.

Don't Forget This Step

To begin uploading your photo to Midjourney, look for a small '+' button located in the dialogue box within your Discord channel. Clicking this button initiates the upload process. Select your photo from you computer files, the image will load into the discord channel. Then hit the RETURN key (otherwise the photo won't fully upload).

After your photo has uploaded, you'll notice a thumbnail of the image in the channel. Click on this thumbnail, and the image will enlarge. Beneath this larger pop-up image, there's an option that reads 'Open in browser.' Click this link, and a new browser window will open displaying your image.

In this new browser window, carefully select and copy the full URL from the address bar. This URL is what Midjourney will use to reference your photo.

Return to your Discord server, and begin crafting your image prompt. Start with /image, followed by pasting the URL you just copied into the dialogue box. This action links your uploaded photo with the Midjourney command, setting the stage for the upcoming cartoon transformation. After the URL, type: 'line drawing cartoon character, flat isolated background' this will give you a good base prompt to turn your photo into a cartoon.

Your prompt should look like the one below.

Prompt Bot


https://COPY&PASTED-URL line drawing cartoon character, flat isolated background

Photo to Cartoon Example

Your first photo to cartoon creation

Transform your social profiles with a cartoon of yourself

Once you've entered the URL and prompt, press return. This action instructs Midjourney to start the transformation of your uploaded photo into a cartoon image.

It's important to manage expectations here: creating the perfect cartoon rendition often doesn't happen on the first try.

Midjourney, while powerful, may require a few attempts to produce the desired result. Think of it as 'rolling the dice' with each prompt submission. With patience and a bit of trial and error, you'll likely land a cartoon image that meets your expectations.

If you find that the results are close to what you're looking for, don't hesitate to use Midjourney's 'upscale' feature for a higher resolution output. Additionally, the 'vary subtle' button can be a useful tool for fine-tuning the image.

A crucial tip to remember is to enable 'remix' mode in Midjourney's settings. This mode allows for more creative and varied interpretations of your photo, increasing the chances of achieving that perfect cartoon look.

The Easy Part

Once you've uploaded your photo to Midjourney and obtained its URL, you've done the hard part. For any subsequent renders or different cartoon styles you want to try, there's no need to upload the photo again. Simply keep using the same URL.

Each time you want to create a new cartoon style, start your prompt with /image followed by the already-copied URL of your uploaded photo. Then, add your new style-specific prompts after the URL.

This way, Midjourney will reference the same photo for each of your creative experiments, saving you time and streamlining the process.

Remember, the URL serves as a constant reference point for your original photo, allowing you to focus on experimenting with various prompts to explore different artistic styles and effects.

Advanced Cartoon Styles

Beyond the basics

Pixar cartoon made from Photography

After mastering the basic technique of transforming photos into cartoons, it's time to delve deeper and explore the wide array of styles that Midjourney can generate. This versatility allows you to create cartoons in various artistic styles, from Pixar-like animations to the classic look of Scooby Doo, and even the distinctive style of Grand Theft Auto. The key lies in the subtle changes and additions you make to your prompts.

To achieve a cartoon that resembles the beloved Pixar animation style, you'll tweak your prompt to capture the essence of Pixar's smooth textures and vibrant colors.

Prompt Bot


https://COPY&PASTED-URL In the style of a Pixar 3D rendered cartoon, exaggerated features, simple flat yellow background

Scooby Doo Style

Classic animation style

Photo to toon using AI

For a cartoon that echoes the nostalgic charm of Scooby Doo, your prompt will target the unique features of this classic animation.

The prompt is 'https://COPY&PASTED-URL As a male character in Scooby-Doo, flat isolated background' 

This tells Midjourney to replicate the bold lines and distinct retro animation style that Scooby Doo is famous for. If you don't add 'as a male' Midjourney will try and render you as Velma!

Prompt Bot


https://COPY&PASTED-URL As a male character in Scooby-Doo, flat isolated background


Cartoons with a dash of realism

Disney style cartoon

As we explore the final style in this tutorial, we turn our attention to the distinctive artwork reminiscent of Disney Infinity.

This style is characterized by its rough-edged 2D animation and caricature approach, which is notably different from traditional Disney animations.

The Disney Infinity style stands out for its unique blend of realism and stylization, offering a playful yet impactful visual experience.

To achieve a cartoon that mirrors the Disney Infinity artwork, your suggested prompt is: 'https://COPY&PASTED-URL in the style of rough-edged 2D animation, caricature style of Disney Infinity, strong emotional impact, contoured shading.'

This command guides Midjourney to create an image that captures the essence of Disney Infinity's art style

Prompt Bot


https://COPY&PASTED-URL in the style of rough-edged 2D animation, caricature style of Disney Infinity, strong emotional impact, contoured shading.

Quick Tips for Transforming Photos into Cartoons

  1. Choose the Right Photo: Select high-resolution, well-lit head-and-shoulders portraits for the best results. Photos with a single subject work best.

  2. Get Familiar with Discord: Ensure you know the basics of navigating Discord, as Midjourney operates within this platform.

  3. Upload Once, Use Many: After uploading your photo and getting its URL, reuse it for multiple renders. No need to upload repeatedly.

  4. Experiment with Prompts: Don't hesitate to try different styles. Use prompts like 'Pixar style', 'Scooby Doo style', or 'Disney Infinity style' to explore various cartoon looks.

  5. Patience is Key: Getting the perfect result might take several attempts. Keep experimenting with different prompts.

  6. Use the Upscale Feature: For finer details or adjustments, use Midjourney's 'upscale' and 'vary subtle' features.

  7. Check Your Settings: Ensure 'remix' mode is enabled in Midjourney settings for more creative outputs.

  8. Have Fun: Remember, creating art should be enjoyable. Enjoy the process of transforming your photos into unique cartoons.

It's a wrap

Congratulations on reaching the end of this tutorial!

You've now journeyed through the exciting process of transforming photos into various cartoon styles using Midjourney.

From the basics of creating simple line drawings to experimenting with styles reminiscent of Pixar, Scooby Doo, Grand Theft Auto, and Disney Infinity, you've unlocked a world of creative possibilities.

But the adventure doesn't stop here.

There's a whole universe of prompts and styles waiting for you to explore in Midjourney. For more inspiration and to further expand your artistic horizons, we invite you to visit our collection of amazing prompts tailored for Midjourney. Just follow the link: Instant AI Prompts for Midjourney.

Whether you're looking to create something specific or just want to experiment with new and exciting styles, these prompts are a treasure trove of ideas.

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