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Rugby World Cup 2023 AI Images

As a lover of art and sports, I've recently found myself drawn towards a remarkable crossroads of these two passions. In the build-up to the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, I used the AI platform Midjourney and a simple prompt to create virtual, Airfix model-style representations of Rugby Union players.

I used the prompt: 'England Rugby Union player Airfix model style.' This simple phrase allowed me to generate an image that captures the dynamic energy of rugby, clad in England's iconic white shirt. But I didn't stop there. Soon, I had an array of AI-generated images for South Africa, New Zealand, and Ireland, each uniquely rendered in their respective team colors.

What struck me most about this process is its versatility. You, too, can adjust the prompt to depict any sport, player, or team that resonates with you. Imagine creating a virtual model of a baseball player in Yankee pinstripes or a soccer player adorned in the national colors of your choice.

Why not craft an image of your favorite team or player, poised for action?

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					England Rugby Union player Airfix model style