With DALL·E 3 now incorporated into ChatGPT Pro, the question, 'Can ChatGPT generate images?' has been finally answered.

Yes, you can now create images inside ChatGPT; however, this feature comes with a caveat. Only Pro users can access DALL·E 3 inside ChatGPT, unlocking the ability to seamlessly transform text prompts into visual creations within the platform.

In an age where visuals are king, the ability to generate complex images and illustrations from a simple text prompt is not just a remarkable advancement but a game-changer for digital creators.

In this article, we'll dive into the new image generation feature in ChatGPT.

We'll walk through the steps to access image generation in ChatGPT, give you tips and tricks to get the most out of Dall-e 3, and explore alternative ways to generate images in ChatGPT and other platforms.

By the end, you'll clearly understand how ChatGPT is making image generation more accessible and what it means for users like you.

Unlocking ChatGPT Images

Get Creative with ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus comes with a monthly tag of $20, and it's your ticket to unlocking the image generation feature.

Getting started is straightforward. You select DALL·E 3 Beta from a dropdown menu, and just like that, you're ready to turn text prompts into images.

Every time you feed a prompt into ChatGPT, it dishes out four unique visual interpretations of your text instructions.

It's like having a small, creative brainstorming session with every prompt you throw in.

If the first round of images doesn't hit the mark, you can quickly refine your prompt and roll the visual dice on it again.

It's all about iterating and interacting until you land on the image that nails your vision.

Whether it's a whimsical illustration, a realistic rendering, or something abstract, the variety in image generation gives you a better shot at finding what you're looking for.

Tips & Tricks

For Image Creation with DALL·E 3 & ChatGPT

Using DALL·E 3 is a smooth transition from ChatGPT. You throw in a text prompt and get four unique visual spins on your idea.

It's all about seeing your words take a visual flight. Try prompts like "pigs flying in formation." to see the magic happen.

DALL·E 3 has a neat trick up its sleeve - it iterates on your prompts, tweaking them for each of the four images it churns out.

For instance, the prompt about flying pigs got spun into variations like "Illustration of a whimsical scene where several pigs, each with white feathery wings, fly in formation above a lush green meadow." You can always click on an image to see what prompt DALL·E 3 cooked up.

Downloading an image? Easy. Hover over the image and hit the download icon that pops up.

Now, directing DALL·E 3 to get that picture-perfect image is where the real fun begins. You can ask for different variations, change the viewpoint, and modify subject details like color and size; in the example below, I requested ChatGPT to change the scene from day to night.

Although DALL·E 3 creates a new prompt for your requests and generates new images, it's way better than the trial-and-error game we played with DALL·E 2.

Getting the best out of DALL·E 3 is an art. It shines when creating drawings or paintings rather than photorealistic images. To hit the bullseye, feed it detailed prompts. For example: "Pigs flying in formation in the style of a manga cartoon, dynamic action scene"

Lastly, keep experimenting. The more you play with DALL·E 3 and ChatGPT, the better you understand its capabilities and quirks.

Alternatives for Image Generation

The ChatGPT Plus subscription might not fit everyone's bill, especially if you're dipping your toes into the image generation waters for the first time.

But fret not; there are other roads to traverse. Below, we've listed a couple of the best alternatives to Dall-e 3 and ChatGPT.


It's a free tool, making it a go-to for those who want to dabble in image generation without loosening the purse strings. It uses the DALL·E 3 model to generate its images; it's a decent place to start your image creation journey. You need a free Microsoft account to access the feature https://www.bing.com/create


The NightCafe Creator AI Art Generator is a digital playground that allows users to create stunning artwork using the power of Artificial Intelligence. NightCafe offers limited free access, lowering the entry barrier for those eager to explore AI-generated art.​

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is available through a restricted free plan. The free plan offers a modest sum of 25 generative credits to get you started.

Avid users might find themselves purchasing additional generative credits to meet their creative demands.


So whether you go down the subscription route with ChatGPT Plus or explore the free lanes with Bing Image Creator and NightCafe, the horizon of image generation is continuously broadening.

Each tool you experiment with, each image you create, is a step forward in this visually expressive journey. And who knows?

The more we explore, the closer we get to a future where generating images from text is as commonplace as typing words on a screen.

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