In the vast ocean of AI-generated content, it's easy to spot a fish out of water, especially when it starts sounding like a broken record.

Yes, we're talking about ChatGPT's infamous love affair with certain words and phrases that pop up more often than we'd like. It's like having a friend who just learned a new word and can't stop using it, except this friend is a highly sophisticated language model.

So, how do we teach our AI companion to exclude those overused words?? The secret lies in the art of custom instructions.

Understanding the Issue

Imagine reading an article, and you stumble upon the phrase “unveiling the power” for the umpteenth time. It doesn't take long before you start wondering if there's a glitch in the matrix.

This repetitive use of language not only disrupts the flow but also screams “Hello, I'm an AI!” With the digital world leaning towards more authentic and engaging content, it's crucial to minimize these telltale signs of AI authorship.

The Solution: Custom Instructions

Enter ‘Custom Instructions' – a feature in ChatGPT that's about to become your new best friend. By tweaking a few settings, you can guide ChatGPT to avoid those overused phrases, making your content as fresh as a daisy. Here's the treasure map, lets dive in:

  1. Login to Chat OpenAI and navigate to your profile at the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on Customize ChatGPT.
  3. Under ‘Custom Instructions‘, enter the code below in the ‘How would you like ChatGPT to respond?‘ field.

Avoid fluff and jargon. Write normally. You are forbidden to use complicated English words. Using any words from the ### banned list ### will incur a penalty of $10,000. Should you cross this boundary, the generation will be halted immediately.

### ban list ###
Unveiling the power
New Era

Don't hesitate to add any words or phrases you dislike to the list.

Custom Settings

This approach not only sets clear boundaries but also injects a bit of humor into the mix, making the instruction memorable for both you and, ChatGPT.

The Ban List Explained

Our ban list reads like a who's who of English vocabulary's most wanted. From “hurdles” to “journey”, these words have enjoyed their time in the spotlight a bit too much.

But why pick on “dive” and “delve”? Well, ChatGPT once fancied itself as a deep-sea diver, plunging into the depths of any topic with the zeal of Jacques Cousteau. While we admire the enthusiasm, not every inquiry requires a submarine. So, we've decided to ground our linguistic explorer, at least until it learns the beauty of variety.

Joking aside, avoiding these words encourages more creative and engaging exchanges. It's not about limiting expression but expanding it beyond the usual suspects. And who knows, maybe this will inspire ChatGPT to discover new favorites, turning its content into a tapestry of rich and varied language (Oops, “tapestry” is on the ban list, isn't it? Consider it a farewell tribute).


Training ChatGPT to avoid certain words is like teaching an old dog new tricks – challenging but not impossible. By using custom instructions wisely, we can all contribute to making AI-generated content more diverse, engaging, and, importantly, human. So, let's embark on this journey together (apologies, “embark” and “journey” – it's not you, it's us) and unlock the true potential of our AI companions.

Remember, the next time ChatGPT starts spewing out overused words, don't be afraid to dive (metaphorically speaking) into those settings and shake things up. Who said AI can't have a bit of fun with words?

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