We live in an era of generative AI products such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, producing everything from coherent text to awe-inspiring visuals. But this year, one application has consistently made headlines for pushing the boundaries of AI-assisted imagery: Midjourney. Now, it's stealing the spotlight once again with its groundbreaking "Zoom Out" feature.

The "Zoom Out" Feature

With its latest v5.2 update, Midjourney introduces a feature that allows you to pull back, or "zoom out", on the image you've just created, giving a broader canvas filled with AI-generated content. The principle is akin to operating a camera, zooming out from your focal point to reveal an expansive scene around it.

For those familiar with Photoshop's recent "Generative Fill" feature, Midjourney's "Zoom Out" will feel somewhat similar. Just as you instruct Photoshop to envision and fill in a larger scene with your initial image at the core, Midjourney, too, uses your original creation as the nucleus of an expanded, AI-imagined vista.

					An intense cinematic photo of the Mercedes f1 car at Monaco Grand Prix. Photographed by James Nachtwey with a fuji film, golden hour, casting deep shadows that add contrast and drama to the image --ar 3:2 

However, Midjourney takes a different initial approach. Rather than starting with a custom image, you begin with a text prompt. Just as with ChatGPT, you tell the AI your image concept, and it brings your vision to life.

Zooming Magic

Once your image is generated, you can leverage the zooming function. Choose to zoom out between 1x to 2x, with preset options at 1.5x and 2x. These controls materialize once your image is ready, setting the stage for you to stretch the AI's creative capabilities.

Moreover, Midjourney has also rolled out a "Make Square" command. It allows you to modify the aspect ratio of your image, transforming it into a perfect square, with additional options to extend vertically for wide images or horizontally for tall ones. This command shows up beneath non-square upscaled images.

Using Zoom

Custom Zooming for a Personal Touch

The 'Custom Zoom' button lets you decide the degree to which you want to zoom out. It opens a dialogue box to enter a custom value for the zoom function, accepting values between 1-2. It even allows you to alter the aspect ratio using the '--ar' parameter, without zooming out.

Not only that, but the 'Custom Zoom' also permits you to modify the initial prompt before extending your image, giving you more control over the final output. The ability to tweak the prompt can lead to unique and exciting results.

Zooming with Midjourney

The Future of Midjourney AI

Just as Photoshop's Generative Fill sparked a social media frenzy, Midjourney's Zoom Out feature is poised to flood your feeds with astounding AI-generated art. The introduction of this feature, along with continuous improvements in its realism and quality, keeps Midjourney at the forefront of AI imagery.

To gain access to Midjourney's full suite of features, including the new Zoom Out capability, subscription plans range from \$10 to \$60 per month, tailored to your needs. Opt for an annual plan and enjoy a 20% discount.

Despite the ongoing debate over whether generative AI can truly be considered art, the breathtaking results speak for themselves. As more and more users experiment with the Zoom Out feature, the endless creative possibilities of AI imagery are becoming more apparent. Dive in, explore, and let your creativity soar with Midjourney.

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