Hey tattoo enthusiasts and tech geeks alike, have we got something fun for you! Have you ever wondered how to blend the awesomeness of artificial intelligence with the art of tattooing? Well, search no more!

We're diving deep into the fantastic world of A.I. to explore how you can generate your dream Midjourney tattoo designs with just a text prompt

Whether you're a tattoo aficionado, an ink virgin, or even a seasoned tattoo artist looking for fresh inspiration, you'll love this.

We're not just talking about generating any tattoos, but ink with specific styles! Classic Sailor Jerry, trendy Watercolor, or even intricate Ornamental designs—you name it, and Midjourney A.I. can sketch it up for you. So grab a seat, and let's get you ink-spired!

Don't forget that you're welcome to steal any of our prompts by copying the text from the black boxes below. Feel free to tweak them to your heart's content and craft your own unique tattoo designs!

Classic Tattoo Designs

Old School Meets New Tech

					Old School Tattoo Style, Hula Girl dancing, full body, white background --no skin

Here’s how to break down this prompt:

  • Old School Tattoo Style: This sets the tone. Midjourney A.I. will know you’re looking for that old-timey, nostalgic feel.
  • Hula Girl Dancing: Your subject matter. Hula girls were a big hit back in the day, and they add a tropical, playful vibe to your design.
  • Full Body: This tells Midjourney that you’re interested in a full-length design, not just a headshot of the hula girl.
  • White Background: A white background keeps the focus squarely on your design, free from any distracting elements.
  • --no skin: This is the finishing touch. It tells Midjourney to give you just the tattoo design without rendering it on a body.

You can also swap out “Old School Tattoo Style” with “Sailor Jerry Tattoo Style” if you’re looking for a more specific kind of classic design.

Got your note-taking hand ready? Because we’re just getting started on our AI-powered tattoo journey!

Traditional Japanese Tattoos

The Intricate World of Irezumi

					Irezumi tattoo, masterpiece, dragon, white background --no skin
AI Japanese Tattoo Dragon

If you’re a fan of mythology, folklore, and intricately detailed art, then traditional Japanese Irezumi tattoos might be your next ink fascination.

Originating from Japan, Irezumi tattoos often showcase dragons, koi fish, and other mythical creatures set against clouds, waves, or flowers.

And the best part? You don’t need a plane ticket to Japan to get one; you can start here with Midjourney AI!

Let’s dissect this Midjourney tattoo prompt:

  • Irezumi Tattoo: This sets the Japanese traditional style. You’re asking for an art form that has been perfected over centuries!
  • Masterpiece: Yep, you read that right. You’re not just asking for a tattoo; you’re asking for a work of art!
  • Dragon: Your choice of subject matter. Dragons in Irezumi often symbolize wisdom, strength, and courage.
  • White Background: Like the classic style, a white background keeps your mythical dragon the center of attention.
  • --no skin: A gentle reminder for Midjourney to focus on the design, not on placing it on a body.

Word of advice: Irezumi designs can be pretty complex, and Midjourney may have a habit of placing these elaborate designs on people.

You might have to reroll a few times to get the standalone masterpiece you envision.

Ready to move on? Because the world of AI-generated tattoos is vast and wonderfully intricate!

Stick and Poke Tattoos

Minimalist Magic
					Stick and poke tattoo style, Dandelion design, white background, clean background --no skin --no people

Stick and Poke designs are a favorite for their simplicity and bold impact. Our example prompt focuses on a dandelion, a popular choice for its beauty and symbolism. Just imagine a dandelion gently swaying in the wind, now captured forever on your skin in a minimalist yet powerful design.

Eager for more? There’s plenty of ink left in the bottle, so let’s keep this Midjourney tattoo train rolling!

New School Tattoos

Unleash the Colors

					New School Tattoo Style, wolf design
New School Wolf Tattoo Design

Bored of the usual? Want something that’s as vibrant and unique as you are? Then say hello to New School tattoos.

These designs are all about pushing boundaries in terms of color and imagination. Think of it as pop art meets tattooing—vivid, exaggerated, and oh-so-captivating.

New School tattoos often have a cartoonish or even caricature-like quality, with exaggerated features that make them pop.

Our example Midjourney tattoo prompt calls for a wolf design, giving the traditional symbol of courage and loyalty a modern, eye-catching twist.

Feeling intrigued? Hold onto your ink caps; we’ve got more styles to explore!

Watercolor Style Tattoos

A Splash of Imagination

					Watercolor Style Tattoo, koi carp design, brush dabbled in watery pastels, white background, clean background --no skin --no people
Watercolor Tattoo Midjourney A.I.

Who says tattoos have to be strictly ink and lines? Enter the world of Watercolor tattoos—a style that mimics the look and feel of watercolor paintings.

This trend is a hot favorite among millennials for its whimsical and poetic aesthetic. And before you ask—no, this is no easy feat for tattoo artists. It may look effortlessly dreamy, but it requires some serious skill.

Our example prompt invites you to explore a koi carp design rendered in this lush, colorful style. It’s like having a splash of modern art on your skin, giving the ancient symbol of perseverance and ambition a contemporary twist.

Black and Grey Tattoos

Monochromatic Elegance
					Portrait of Beautiful woman, black and grey tattoo style, amazing detail, white background, clean background --no skin
A.I. Tattoo Art - Black and Grey

Sometimes, less is more, which couldn't be truer regarding Black and Grey tattoos.

This style captures realism through a spectrum of shades, achieved by watering down black ink. The result is a tattoo that can be just as dynamic and compelling as its colorful counterparts.

Our sample prompt offers a stunning portrait of a woman, a common subject in this style due to the incredible level of detail that can be achieved. The greyscale palette adds a timeless, classic touch that can bring out the subtleties of any image.

Convinced yet? Don't worry; we still have more ink in our virtual pens!

Line Tattoo Style

A World in Lines
					Line tattoo style, Beautiful woman, white background, --no skin
Midjourney Tattoo Line Style

Who knew something as simple as a line could have so much meaning?

Line tattoos take the notion of minimalism to the next level, turning simple linear forms into something deeply expressive. It’s all about letting the contours do the talking.

In this example, the focus is on capturing the beauty of a woman through elegant, flowing lines. The result is an ethereal design that speaks volumes while using the bare minimum of ink.

Tribal Tattoos

Rooted in Tradition
					Aztec tribal tattoo style, symmetric, white background, --no skin
Tribal Tats

Tribal tattoos offer more than just intricate designs; they’re a window into the histories and cultures of indigenous peoples. While the tribal tattoo trend has taken many forms over the years, the core of the style remains deeply rooted in tradition.

Our example takes inspiration from Aztec culture, focusing on symmetry to create a captivating design. With its geometric forms and intricate patterns, this style is perfect for anyone looking to make a bold statement while also paying homage to ancient civilizations.

Almost there, tattoo enthusiasts! A couple more styles to explore!

Ornamental Tattoos

Craftsmanship in Ink

					Ornamental tattoo style, Celtic cross, white background, --no skin
Ornamental Celtic Cross Tattoo made with A.I.

Ever been captivated by the intricate details in ancient architecture or mesmerized by the loops and whirls in a complex pattern?

Then, you might find yourself drawn to Ornamental tattoos. These designs borrow elements from various cultures and periods to create complex, detailed works of body art.

Our example prompt showcases the beauty of a Celtic cross, a symbol with deep historical and cultural significance. Whether you’re interested in it for its aesthetic appeal or more profound meaning, an ornamental tattoo of a Celtic cross can be a breathtaking choice.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Just one more style to go!

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Modern Flair, Classic Roots
					Neo Traditional tattoo style, eagle, white background, --no skin
Neo Traditional Tattoo

Imagine taking the time-honored techniques of traditional tattooing and giving them a modern twist. That’s what Neo-Traditional tattoos are all about.

They preserve the bold lines and vibrant colors of their predecessors but aren’t afraid to venture into more elaborate and intricate designs.

Our final example brings us to the iconic eagle—a symbol of freedom and strength, now reimagined with a Neo-Traditional flair. With this style, you’re getting the best of both worlds: the weight of tradition and the freshness of modern design.

And there you have it, folks! We’ve journeyed through an array of tattoo styles, each with its own unique allure.

Whether you’re an ink veteran or a tattoo newbie, there’s something here for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Time to make your mark!

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