Often overshadowed by more mainstream genres like Shōnen and Shōjo, Josei's mature storytelling, themes, and unique art styles are a hidden gem in the anime world.

But have you ever thought about creating your own Josei anime art? With the Midjourney A.I. image generator, creating Josei-inspired images has never been easier.

In today's blog post, we'll walk through creating 5 Josei-style cartoons, each with its own unique prompt.

Why Midjourney A.I. Image Generator?

Midjourney A.I. Image Generator allows for an easy and accessible platform to create anime-style images, and it's incredibly adaptable to various genres, including Josei.

You can generate images that encapsulate your vision with a simple text prompt.

Josei Style Examples and Prompts

So, you're intrigued by the emotional depth and artistic elegance of Josei anime, and you're keen to try your hand at crafting your own art in this style? I was too.

I wanted to see how well the Midjourney A.I. Image Generator could translate my vision into visuals, and the results were fascinating. Here are the five images I created, complete with the prompts I used:

A Night Stroll Through Paris

					A couple strolling in Paris at night, long shot, cinematic, style Josei anime --niji 5
Josei Style Anime

This image evokes the romantic ambiance of a nighttime walk through the iconic city of Paris, all while maintaining the emotional undertones and realism typical of Josei. The cinematic long-shot adds a touch of dramatic flair.

Dance Fever in Roppongi

					Beautiful woman in Roppongi nightclub dancing, long shot, cinematic, style Josei anime --niji 5
Dancing Anime Woman

The scene captures the electric atmosphere of a Roppongi nightclub, infused with the essence of Josei. The long-shot perspective and cinematic style make it a vibrant, eye-catching image.

The Harajuku Businessman

					Handsome businessman walking in Harajuku street, low angle, full body, style Josei anime --niji 5
Harajuku Businessman
This prompt allowed the Niji model to shine by producing an image that combines the quirky culture of Harajuku with the sophisticated aura of a businessman, captured from a striking low-angle shot.

Coffee Shop Hustle in Japan

					Business woman in a busy coffee shop in Japan. style Josei anime --niji 5
Josei Anime Midjourney Example

This image encapsulates the hustle and bustle of a busy Japanese coffee shop, along with a business woman who seems fully engaged in her work or perhaps lost in thought—both common themes in Josei narratives.

Cherry Blossom Romance

					A woman walks with her boyfriend in a park with Cherry Blossom trees, Josei anime style --niji 5
Cherry Blossom Josei

Ah, the cherry blossoms—a recurring motif in anime and especially poetic in the Josei genre. This image delivers the quintessential backdrop for romance or introspection, aligned perfectly with Josei aesthetics.

Niji Model on Midjourney for Josei Art

Different Styles with Niji Model

Midjourney's Niji model features four distinct settings, each designed to produce unique anime art styles:

Cute Style: --niji 5 --style cute

This option generates artwork in a pastel color palette, sometimes resembling watercolor. Ideal for characters designed with oversized heads, truncated limbs, and wide eyes full of youthful wonder.

Expressive Style: --niji 5 --style expressive

Perfect for a Western take on anime, with bold lines and well-defined forms, offering high chroma and bright highlights.

Original Style: --niji 5 --style original

This setting delivers authentic anime artwork, featuring a subdued color palette and realistic lighting.

Scenic Style: --niji 5 --style scenic

Designed for breathtaking landscapes and wide-angle action shots, especially set in fantastical worlds.

Pro Tips for Josei Creations

My experience has shown that the 'Original Style' tends to work best for Josei art. Feel free to experiment with different settings, but ensure to include --niji 5 at the end of your prompt or activate it in the settings menu.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or someone looking to explore the emotional depths and artistic elegance of Josei anime, Midjourney's A.I. Image Generator is a wonderful tool for you.

The key lies in experimentation—so go ahead, add --niji 5 to your text prompts, and start creating your own Josei-inspired pieces today!

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