In this blog post, we explore the use of Midjourney to create Characters and Cartoons.

We will share specific Midjourney Prompts that I've used to generate a range of captivating AI-generated characters and cartoon styles.

From the lively and emotional depth of Pixar animations to the timeless grace of Classic Disney and from the vibrant world of Anime to the quirky charm of Chibi drawings, our exploration covers a broad spectrum of styles.

Midjourney allows novices and seasoned artists to bring their imaginative visions to life. Whether you're a budding artist, a seasoned illustrator, or just someone who loves the magic of cartoons, this post is your perfect companion, and you're free to steal all the prompts on this page.

The images below are designed to showcase the diverse array of styles that can be achieved with Midjourney and provide you with the exact prompts you need to start creating your own AI art.

Pixar Style Character

Embracing the Magic

Pixar Character with teddy

In a snug little corner of a Pixar-perfect world, we find a young girl giving her teddy bear the kind of hug that could make marshmallows jealous. The cinematic UHD quality shines through every adorable detail—from her mischievous smile to the teddy's 'I'm the luckiest bear in the world' expression.

Prompt Bot


A cartoon young girl playing with a teddy bear, Pixar style art, cinematic UHD

Classic Disney Style

Once Upon a Dream: Classic Disney Elegance
Princess Cartoon Style

In this enchanting depiction, a beautiful princess takes center stage, her gaze lost in the fairytale forest surrounding her.

Inspired by Gustaf Tenggren's timeless style, the art harks back to the golden age of Disney's 1937 classic animations. Her dress, a river of red, flows with a life of its own, standing out in the flat color scheme that is a nod to the simplicity of early animation.

The princess's face, the piece's focal point, is a masterpiece of classic beauty and regal poise, reminiscent of the heroines who danced and sang their way into our hearts.

With just enough whimsy to make you wish for a talking animal sidekick, this image perfectly blends nostalgia and charm.

Prompt Bot


Beautiful Princess in a fairytale forest, red flowing dress, style of Gustaf Tenggren, disney classic animated feature 1937, flat color, focus on face

Anime Style

Studio Ghibli's Whimsical World: Where Every Moment is an Adventure
Anime Character

The prompt "Close up shot on a boy fishing in the river, he catches a fish and is happy, by Studio Ghibli" has been beautifully realized in this image, capturing a joyful moment with the finesse of Ghibli's storytelling.

To adapt this prompt for other scenes, we might imagine varying the setting—a snowy creek or a twilight pond—and introducing new elements like a gathering of forest creatures or a backdrop of a setting sun, each maintaining the Ghibli magic while offering a fresh perspective.

Prompt Bot


Close up shot on a boy fishing in the river, he catches a fish and is happy, by Studio Ghibli

Simpsons Character Style

The Simpsons' Twist on Van Gogh
Van Gogh Simpson

The image is an impressive fusion of the iconic Simpsons style with the distinctive brushwork of Vincent van Gogh.

By blending a Simpsons character's vivid, caricatured features with Van Gogh's swirling skies and vibrant landscapes, we get a captivating portrayal that feels both classic and contemporary.

It's a testament to Midjourney AI's prowess in art style replication and creative mash-ups. The result is a character who could stroll right out of Springfield and into the wheat fields of Arles, with a starry night overhead.

This playful mix demonstrates the fun and inventive possibilities that AI art generation opens up, allowing for endless experimentation in style and concept. To get a Simpson character with Midjourney, add 'in the style of The Simpsons' to your prompt.

Prompt Bot


Vincent van Gogh Simpsons cartoon style

Chibi Drawing Style

Chibi Charms: Capturing Big Hearts in Tiny Packages
Chibi Fast Food girl

This portrayal perfectly interprets the prompt, capturing the essence of the Chibi Drawing Style with its exaggerated features and infectious charm.

Her uniform pops with a bold red and yellow color scheme, instantly recognizable and exuding the cheerful ambiance of a quick-service restaurant.

With oversized eyes and playful expression, this Chibi character seems ready to skip right off the canvas and into the hearts of anyone needing a speedy meal with a side of joy.

Prompt Bot


a fastfood waitress Chibi Drawing Style

South Park Animation

Bold and Brash
South Park Rambo Character

Showcasing a character reminiscent of Rambo from "First Blood," stylized in the distinct South Park animation style.

The character, equipped with a headband and vest top, stands confidently in the woods, a big machine gun in hand, ready for action.

The flat color and cutout aesthetic are hallmark features of South Park's animation, and they're used here to humorous effect, juxtaposing the gritty intensity of Rambo with the cartoonish, satirical world of South Park.

This image is a creative blend of two very different worlds, demonstrating the versatility and whimsy of AI art generation. This prompt also includes a Style Tune (--style raw-7dAp2m0FfkYCXJ). Please include it in your prompt, as it helps keep Midjourney on track.

Prompt Bot


Rambo first blood, wearing a headband and vest top, big machine gun, in the woods, mountains in background, South Park animation style ::50 , cutout, flat color --style raw-7dAp2m0FfkYCXJ


Jim Carrey's Hanna-Barbera Holiday

Hanna-Barbara Cartoon Character

This image is a delightful throwback, brilliantly capturing the essence of the Hanna-Barbera style that graced the 1970s with classics like Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones.

The character shown here is comedian Jim Carrey. The cartoon animation reflects the era's distinctive bold lines and flat color palette, bringing a two-dimensional cheeriness synonymous with the beloved vintage cartoons.

Palm trees and tropical mountains set a laid-back island scene, embodying the bliss of a Hawaiian getaway. This playful rendition merges nostalgia with celebrity caricature, encapsulating the vintage Hanna-Barbera charm with a modern twist.

Prompt Bot


Jim Carrey on vacation in Hawaii, tropical island scenes. Hanna-Barbera style cartoon animation 1970s, bold lines, flat color, 2d

Arcane Character

League of Legends Style Animation

Arcane Style Character made with Midjourney

The prompt aims to capture the unique animation style of "Arcane: League of Legends," known for its stunning visuals that blend 3D rendering with the stylization of 2D art.

The mention of "non-photorealistic 3d rendering" and "Cel Shaded" techniques reflects Arcane's distinctive aesthetic, which uses cel-shading to give characters and environments a hand-painted look while preserving depth and form through 3D models.

The "dark atmospheric lighting" and "grunge effect" mentioned in the prompt are indicative of the gritty and immersive atmosphere of the "Arcane" series, which is set in the underbelly of a steampunk-inspired city.

These elements contribute to the show's intense, moody vibe, central to its storytelling.

Overall, the prompt synthesizes the technical and stylistic elements that make "Arcane: League of Legends" visually spectacular, challenging the AI to replicate that same sense of intricacy and atmospheric tension within the artwork.

Prompt Bot


stunning young woman with bright blue hair, revealing outfit, Arcane League of Legends animation style ::1 , Rotoscoping ::3 , non photorealistic 3d rendering, Cel Shaded, bokeh, grunge effect, dark atmospheric lighting, dynamic movement, stunning, intricately detailed

Marvel Character

Heroic Hues: Marvel's Dynamic Vigilance in Every Stroke
Porcupineman - New superhero character

The image presents a new superhero character, Porcupineman, designed with a distinctive feature: a body covered in sharp quills.

Standing assertively in a hero's pose within the confined space of a dark alleyway, he exudes an aura of resilience and grit. The illustration style is reminiscent of Jim Lee's iconic work in Marvel comics, characterized by dynamic figure drawing, bold lines, and dramatic shading that gives depth and intensity to the scene.

Prompt Bot


a superhero based on a Porcupine, Porcupineman is covered in quills, standing in hero pose in dark alleyway. illustration style of Jim Lee in Marvel comics

Toon Boom Characters

Animated Journeys: Toon Boom's Family of Adventurers
AI Pirate Family Characters

The image brings to life a whimsical concept: a happy pirate family standing proudly in front of their home, a charming amalgamation of an RV and a pirate ship. This unique vehicle captures the family's adventurous spirit, blending the nomadic lifestyle of RV living with the swashbuckling aesthetic of a pirate abode.

The style of the artwork is indicative of animations created using Toon Boom Harmony, a versatile software that's a staple in the animation industry for both television and film.

Toon Boom Harmony is known for its ability to produce animations that range from simple cartoons to complex, high-quality productions. The characters are rendered with cell shading, a technique that gives a distinct, clean look with solid colors and bold outlines, reminiscent of classic 2D animation but with a modern crispness.

The family's cheerful demeanor, the father's rugged pirate look, the mother's gracious smile, and the child's enthusiastic stance all contribute to the story of a family that finds joy in the high seas of adventure and the open road.

Prompt Bot


Happy Pirate family, standing in front of an RV/pirate ship hybrid vehicle. style of Toon Boom Harmony. cell shaded, octane render, UHD

Rick and Morty

Intergalactic Deals: Elon Musk Cosmic Car Salesman
Elon Musk AI Cartoon Character

The style is reminiscent of the popular animation series "Rick and Morty," known for its satirical edge and science fiction themes, which often blend the mundane with the extraordinary.

The vivid colors and exaggerated forms are staples of the show's aesthetic, capturing the zany and adventurous tone of intergalactic escapades.

The portrayal of Musk in this context, complete with a lineup of cars ready for Martian consumers, is a nod to his ventures into space exploration and electric vehicles.

It's an image rich with humor and speculative fun, inviting viewers to imagine the possibilities of commerce in an era of space colonization.

Prompt Bot


Elon Musk on Mars, selling cars to aliens, futuristic car showroom, in the style of Ricky and Morty animation

It's a wrap

These images, born from Midjourney's AI, demonstrate the platform's remarkable ability to interpret and visually realize various artistic prompts, honoring classic animation styles while infusing them with fresh, contemporary energy.

With tools like Midjourney at your fingertips, the canvas of your imagination awaits, ready for you to paint your stories and watch them leap into the digital age. The next chapter is yours to create.

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