In the ever-evolving digital realm, memes have emerged as a universal language. Expressing humor, relaying shared experiences, and bridging global communities, memes have become much more than simple online content.

From Pepe the Frog and Hide the Pain Harold to Disaster Girl, Success Kid, Dogecoin Dog, and You Know Guy, these beloved characters have evolved into iconic symbols of diverse emotions and situations.

In an exciting blend of creativity and technology, I recently undertook a project to reimagine these meme legends through the lens of AI art, courtesy of the powerful tool - Midjourney. So, let's dive into this artful adventure.

The Idea and Getting Started

Why these memes? Well, because they resonate with us all. They encapsulate various human emotions and experiences, making them universally recognized and appreciated.

Midjourney, for those not in the know, is an AI-driven platform that provides users with tools to generate and customize their own digital art. It marries creativity and technology, providing an accessible platform for digital expression.

Mijourney, for those not in the know, is an AI-driven platform that provides users with tools to generate and customize their own digital art. Marrying creativity and technology, it offers an accessible platform for digital expression.

So, let's explore what happened when I put these popular memes through the Midjourney magic.

Pepe The Frog

					a sad pepe the frog meme, looking at the ground to find something, as a disney cartoon style, unreal engine, octane render

Hide The Pain Harold

					senior man working on laptop with coffee cup, painful fake smile, as a cute disney cartoon style, meme, unreal engine, octane render
Hide the Pain Meme made with Midjourney AI

Disaster Girl

					A girl looks at the viewer as a house across the street burns, fire engines and firemen run in the distance, meme, pixar style
Disaster Girl AI Meme

Doge Meme

					Doge meme as a cute disney cartoon style, looking very worried, meme, unreal engine, octane render
Doge Meme with AI Midjourney

Success Kid

					defying baby on the beach with a green and white baseball shirt, showing fist at viewers, bold gestures, meme, cute pixar characters
Success Kid Meme with A.I.

Troll Face, Problem? Meme

					The Trollface problem meme as a cute Pixar Character, meme
Troll Face Meme, Problem? AI

You Know, the Guy Tapping His Head

					black Man thinking meme, looking to the left slightly, finger to forehead like he's thinking smart, smug smiling at viewer, as a cute disney cartoon style, meme, unreal engine, octane render
You Know A.I. Meme

Spiderman Meme

					Identical two spidermen pointing at each other in an alleyway, from above, meme, flat 2d cartoon style from Scooby Doo
Spiderman A.I. Meme

Is This? Confused Anime Guy

					man in glasses holds out hand to butterfly, as a disney cartoon style, unreal engine, octane render --s 300 
Is this meme? Confused Anime Guy

Process of Creation

Creating AI versions of these meme legends was as challenging as it was enjoyable. Here's a glimpse into my journey with each:

  • Pepe The Frog: Transforming Pepe's melancholic, cartoonish simplicity into AI art was interesting. I focused on enhancing his most recognizable traits - those droopy eyes and that vivid green skin. I uploaded the original meme as a base for Midjourney to build around.

  • Hide The Pain Harold: Translating Harold's forced smile and pained eyes into AI form was tough and required multiple rolls of the dice with Midjourney. The challenge was to maintain the subtlety of his expression.

  • Disaster Girl: With her devilish grin and the chaos unfolding behind her, transforming Disaster Girl into AI art was tricky. The end result was a fiery AI representation that echoed the mischievous energy of the original image.

  • Success Kid: The AI version encapsulated the same vibe as the original, but I couldn't get Midjourney to match the original clothing in the picture.

  • Dogecoin Dog: From a humble meme to a digital currency mascot, this Shiba Inu has seen it all. Its AI rendition ended up being a vibrant, captivating image that held the charm of the original meme while upscaling the quality.

  • You Know Guy: The "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" embodied by this meme was a challenge to capture in AI art. The final image, however, wasn't my best effort. The AI struggled to get the man's finger to point at his temple.

  • Spiderman Meme: I used a comic art style, and the result was quite good. The AI version had its own personality compared to the original meme. 
  • Is This Meme: Confused Anime guy ended up being one of my favorite AI images of the whole project. All in all, a successful attempt! 

Lessons and Insights

This project was a useful learning experience. It allowed me to play around with some great memes. Furthermore, it showed me some of the limitations of artificial intelligence.

If you're interested in embarking on this AI project, here are my suggestions. Start by uploading some reference images to Midjourney, then paste the URL of the images at the beginning of your prompt. This approach will help you maintain consistency and improve the overall quality of your work.


I hope you enjoy the images I created with AI art. They may not be perfect reproductions, but they bring a certain subtlety and life to the original memes. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to explore the creative potential of AI technology in the future. 

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